The Mission of the pierStudios, is to present the highest caliber professional training possible. Through the Classic Conservatory Training each actor will have the opportunity to express themselves fully, openly and skillfully.  Through the study of speech, movement, mime, mask, clown, improvisation, interpretation and text; the actors will determine their personal strengths and talents.
pierStudios is charged with creating an environment that is “safe” and conducive to creative work.
pierStudios address
es the responsibility of, not only the staff, but also each individual student involved in our programming to maintain the integrity of our space, our works and our Mission Statement.
Staff and students are held responsible for the manner in which they relate to one another as individuals, as part of the creative community and the community at large.
pierStudios is charged with encouraging our performers to:

Recognize confrontational situations and resolve them through creative endeavors.
Recognize art is a multicultural endeavor.
Recognize art is an humanitarian endeavor.
Recognize art requires the artist to be of healthy mind, body and spirit.

Need and talent based scholarships, as well as student work programs, will be made available so that no person of talent, will be excluded, due to financial hardship. However, the rewarding of scholarship has as a requirement an agreement to maintain the highest level of professional discipline both in skill and personal conduct by the scholarship student.

YOUTH DIVISION available at biz kids ny.